Title: Race condition in asyncore may access the wrong dispatcher
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msg298359 - (view) Author: Jaume (walkhour) * Date: 2017-07-14 16:44
If a socket is closed and polled here the flag returned will be select.POLLNVAL (note that this can happen despite dispatcher.close() being called).

This wouldn't be a problem but before here a new socket may be created with the same fd (which wouldn't be strange since that fd is now available), so the retrieved socket will be the newly created one instead of the old one and the new one will be close.

This is regularly happening to us, I could try to explain better, but that's really it.
msg298362 - (view) Author: Nir Soffer (Nir Soffer) Date: 2017-07-14 17:17
Can you provide a minimal reproducer, or best add a failing test?
msg298682 - (view) Author: Nir Soffer (Nir Soffer) Date: 2017-07-19 16:21
Adding more info after discussion in github.

After polling readable/writeable dispatchers, asyncore.poll(2) receive a list of ready file descriptors, and invoke callbacks on the dispatcher objects.

If a dispatchers is closed and and a new dispatcher is created, the new dispatcher may get the same file descriptor. If the file descriptor was in the ready list returned from poll()/select(), asyncore may try to invoke one of the callbacks (e.g. handle_write) on the new dispatcher.

Here is an example in asycore.poll()

        r, w, e =, w, e, timeout)

        for fd in r:
            obj = map.get(fd)
            if obj is None:

read close obj, removing fd from map, then creates a new one
getting the same fd...

        for fd in w:
            obj = map.get(fd)

this get the new object from the map, instead of the closed one.

            if obj is None:

invoke write on the wrong socket, which is not writable

        for fd in e:
            obj = map.get(fd)

same issue here

            if obj is None:

asyncore.poll2() has same issue:

        r = pollster.poll(timeout)
        for fd, flags in r:
            obj = map.get(fd)
            if obj is None:
            readwrite(obj, flags)

fd may have been closed and recreated by in a previous iteration of the loop.

This issue is demonstrated in the failing test:
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